George and Courtney are THRILLED to announce that in collaboration with Tarot Media Company, Tarot of the Boroughs will be released in App form for Iphones, Ipads and 2012!!!! Specific date, TBD! If you would like to receive an email announcement about the App's release, please send us an email at

Tarot of the Boroughs is a full 78 card Tarot deck composed of spectacular original photography, set in New York City.  Inspired by the classic Tarot, Tarot of the Boroughs captures the Tarot's timeless images in contemporary incarnations. Tarot of the Boroughs replaces the esoteric with the familiar, easily taking the reader into the heart of the Tarot’s stories. Mystical tarot decks are easy to find. Tarot of the Boroughs is unique and features New Yorkers from all walks of life as well as well-known writers, visual and performing artists including Moby, Jonathan Ames, Reverend Jen Miller, Lilith Dorsey, Velocity Chyaldd, Larkin Grimm, Reverend Billy and Imakhu Mwt Shekemet among many, many others!
To see full sized versions, click on THE MAJOR ARCANA or THE MINOR ARCANA.
An urban, contemporary Tarot deck set in New York City