The Minor Arcana foretells day-to-day people or situations the questioner may encounter if they come up in a reading.  Some provide warnings, some solutions.  In Tarot of the Boroughs, we came up with familiar situations a regular person might encounter.  We think we did a good job.  Our Minor Arcana will take you from the board room to the club, from the studio to the street, from the fire escape to the alley.  Some cards we hope you get in a reading.  Others, we hope you'll get everyday.
Success, achievement, your boss.
Power, influence, wealth.
Hard work, determination, climbing the ladder.
One learning a trade 
e.g., the cranky office intern.
Collaboration, communication, joint enterprise. .
Bad day on the job.  
For everyone involved.
Resources used--or abused.
Romantic, masculine, husband-father type.
Caretaker, nurturer, feminine.  Wife-mother role.
Seeker of love, pleasure and beauty.
The dreamer, the romantic, 
the poet.
Connection, good conversation.
Sorrow, loss, disappointment. Possible need for country music.
Reunion, commitment, 
the "Awwww...." factor..
Creative power, drive, inspiration.
Creative accomplishment.  Having "made it." Finally.
The journey to make something happen.
Raw and unlimited potential.
Fire, passion.
Take a break.
Super annoying distraction.
Focus, determination, progress.
Conflict, drama, or cutting through crap.
Relinquishing power, being blind to a situation.  Or fetish.
Uh oh.
Protector, defender, warrior. Most powerful ally or most dangerous enemy.
Powerful, sexual, domineering.
Don't piss her off.
Heads will roll and asses will be kicked.
Might cause problems, might fix problems.  Depends on his mood.